Meet Maddie Stark, Class of 2020 senior from Pontiac Township High School.

Maddi was one of Campbell Senior’s senior models for the past 1.5 years and what a joy it was to have this sweet soul on our model team! It was fun to watch Maddi grow into the beautiful woman she is over this time. It’s evident that Maddi enjoys times with her friends and she absolutely adores her dog, Romo.

Maddi is involved in volleyball and softball (among other things) at PTHS. Maddi’s true definition of beauty is confidence. Maddi says, “Everyday I continue to see the importance of having confidence in life.” “It gives you that glow that lights up a room, and it is what empowers all people to be who they truly want to be.” I LOVE this! You are absolutely right, Maddi!

You can also see the great relationship that Maddi has with her family, especially her Mom. Maddi described her parents as “supportive throughout my entire life.”

Three things on Maddi’s bucket list are to travel the world, fly in a hot air balloon, and go on a road trip with friends. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Maddi, I can’t help but smile when I think about you, your sweet demeanor, and your view point on life. I am so lucky to have you on my model team and I wish you the absolute best in the next step on your journey of life after high school!