Kirsten, you have been a gem of a person to have on the Campbell Senior model team! Not only do I love your personality, but I also love how you embrace all of yourself. If you haven’t noticed, Kirsten is tall. 😉 She loves being tall and she says she would not change anything about her appearance. She says, “I love who I am and I am confident with the way God has made me.” Who doesn’t love that????

Kirsten is a very active person at her high school. She is involved in Madrigals, Choir, Volleyball, and Basketball. Kirsten has been accepted to 6 colleges so far and has an offer to play both volleyball and basketball at Millikin University. That’s awesome!

Kirsten’s definition of true beauty is: “Beauty comes from within. You have to be able to love yourself enough and to have self-love and self-worth for yourself. True beauty comes from your heart and personality because once you have all those qualities you’ll be able to radiate true beauty to others.”

Without further ado, here are some of Kirsten’s favorite images from her session!


Normal Community West High School

Normal Community WestNormal IllinoisNormal West High SchoolUptown NormalBloomington Normal IllinoisBloomington IllinoisUptown Normal IllinoisUptown Normal